NewingerART Summer Exhibition - Aldeburgh Ballroom Arts 2024

NewingerART Summer Exhibition – Aldeburgh Ballroom Arts

30th July – 7th August 2024

NewingerART is delighted to invite you to our Summer Exhibition in Aldeburgh, a much loved and famous Suffolk seaside town known for its many cultural connections and stunning shingle beach.

The Summer Exhibition will be a celebration of creativity and talent, bringing together a diverse range of artworks that encompass various styles and themes. It will provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art and appreciate the thought-provoking creations of both renowned artists and emerging talents.

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2024

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

09 – 13 October 2024

NewingerART invites you to treat yourself to an artistic adventure with 1000s of contemporary artworks from over 70 Dutch and international galleries.

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