NewingerArt: Sam Brown

Sam Brown


Being creative seems to be the main driving force behind the South African Samantha “Sam” Brown.
Her life is a journey through various disciplines of art, a journey in which she effortlessly crosses borders and takes new paths.

As a child she could use that creativity in dancing, later she immersed herself in the theater world. This resulted in a study “Theater Technologies” in which her attention was mainly focused on set design. Her first activities were therefore in the world of theater and film, where she was active as a set painter.
 She made her first works of art during her period in theater and film. She has been a full-time artist since 1998. It started with murals and the copying of existing masterpieces, but soon took on a broader character. Because why limit yourself?

Creativity cannot be restrained and Sam Brown is guided by it. Her work can be figurative as well as abstract, she works just as passionately on a painting as on an interior piece, she works together with interior designers and architects and she can count individuals as well as companies and institutions among her clientele.