Sam Bergwein

Sam Bergwein


Sam Bergwein was born 1996 in Stuttgart, Germany. He is an autodidactic contemporary art painter. During his whole life, he was influenced by colour compositions, architecture and art.

His artistic development started, when he spent a lot of time watching his mother painting in her studio. Soon afterwards he spent a few years travelling around the globe and studying marketing & communication. His travel & student years help him to develop personally and lead him towards the decision to become a full-time artist.

Sam Bergwein lives and works in Germany.

His work mainly focuses on texture and abstract colour compositions. Most of his artworks are painted on canvas with acrylic and mixed media. He works primarily with handcrafted tools such as palette knives, scrapers and sponges. In the desire to be close to his materials, he often works barehanded.

The process of painting was & still is the best teacher in life for Sam to crave peacefulness & silence in his head. He uses his paintings to express himself & communicate through them with the other world.