NewingerArt: Katharina Husslein

Katharina Husslein


Born in Wertheim, Germany, Husslein grew up in a quaint village surrounded by luscious hills and flowing rivers. To grow her practice and widen her perspective, she left Germany to study art in London, UK. As part of her studies, she lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Australia. Now based in Munich, Germany, Husslein has exhibited her artworks across Europe, gaining collectors internationally.

Husslein’s controlled and smooth still-life floral artworks derive direct inspiration from art history and flower photography.

Flowers’ visual and tactile qualities, as well as their associations with love, femininity, and the natural world, have contributed to Husslein’s colorful compositions. The artworks focus more on the colors, lighting, textures, and botanical details which make Husslein’s paintings so intriguing.