NewingerArt: Kira Behnert

Kira Behnert


Originally from Germany, Kira enjoyed an international business career first that took her to London in 2000, where she has been living since. In 2010, she decided to follow her passion, took art courses at leading Art & Design schools in London, and graduated with an Art diploma from Putney School of Art & Design in 2019. She was discovered by an agent from Miami in 2017, invited to exhibit pre-Basel Miami, and started exhibiting in London thereafter. Today she is selling worldwide.

As an abstract mixed media artist, she paints intuitively, taking her surroundings as inspiration, both in urban London as well as from her travels to exotic places. She aims to rebel creatively against the pressures of daily urban life and mundane repetitive chores and to offer instead a sense of adventure and freedom in her mostly large paintings. For this, she uses many layers of paint and texture in a loose, confident way, going beyond borders.
Her works radiate a liberating curiosity for adventure and fun, in intervals with peaceful, more subdued moments of calm.

In addition to large bold paintings and textured, multi-layered works on hardwood panels, she complements her art practice with vibrant screen prints that are also abstract expressions of an imaginative escape. There is always an invitation to let the mind wander beyond the mundane. In every piece, she aims to pass on a feeling of spontaneity, energy, and adventure. Pushing her artworks towards abstraction, they remain deliberately open-ended and intriguing to the viewer.