NewingerART is a London and Sóller (Mallorca) based art gallery specialising in contemporary art from selected artists around the world.

Established in 2020, the gallery represents emerging as well as established artists working with diverse materials ranging from ceramic to oil paintings, photography and collage art, to demonstrate the open-ended possibilities of medium diversity.

Stefan J. Becker

Stefan has worked in the City of London for the last 20 years, and was always a keen admirer and collector of contemporary art. He established NewingerART gallery with the aim to create a platform for young and emerging artists to showcase their skills and the diversity of influences from around the world.

& the World

The gallery exhibits innovative and contemporary artists from Majorca, represented by Núria Forteza, Ramon Suau, Caspar Jansen, Francesc Roca and Tomeu Coll. NewingerART has strong links to the beautiful island of Majorca and plans to represent significant new artists from the island.

In addition we show-piece a selection of individual artists from around the world. BA Moolman from South Africa, Maja Zenz from Switzerland, Dario Mitidieri from Italy / UK as well as David Judge, Shumaiya Kahn and Nemanja Nikolic from  UK, Lena and Sam Bergwein from Germany  and Wei Ping from China.