Shumaiya Khan

Shumaiya Khan


Shumaiya Khan is a painter, writer and creative. Specialising in contemporary abstract expressionism via use of acrylic and charcoal. Her practice explores juxtapositions around emotive behaviours in the sphere of; what it means to be feminine, occurrence of coercion & control, love both romantic & platonic, and the fragility & restless motions of life.

In Khan’s most recent series, Meaning of a Song plays on polarisation. One where the artist releases and falls under water in comfort and safety to explore deeper meanings behind actions of the subconscious. What did we learn from our youth and how can we find a more fulfilling joy.

On the other hand; Khan creates sparse, empty, unprimed cotton pieces with strong brush strokes which would be indicative of fixed, solid, learned statements and acknowledgement of embodied true masculine energy. In a world where success is seen as masculine deriving from monetary form and accolades joint to capitalism. Khan taps into these traits (previously explored in her series Aries 2021) and how they follow through the veins of the divine feminine.

The commentary which takes place upon viewing should provoke deeper feelings on our own temporary nature. Understanding one’s self and the resilience we harbour.